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  • Sara Moniz

Happy birthday to our volcano!

Fagradalsfjall volcano is half a year old! The volcano erupted in March 19, 2021, about six months ago.

This volcano has been changing history along the way. Reykjanes peninsula had no volcanic eruption for 800 years when a fissure vent appeared on the Fagradalsfjall mountain.

It is also the longest eruption so far this century and that’s worth the celebration! There was a break on the eruption for 9 days and many thought that the volcano had met it’s end but it wasn’t ready to say it’s farewells just yet and came back as strong as ever!

It’s impossible to say when the eruption will end, but you know what? We actually don’t mind having it around, it’s been quite a journey together. It started earlier than six months ago shaking the earth, in the three weeks before the eruption, it was registered more than 40.000 earthquakes in the peninsula, this volcano knows how to enter a party! Now we are already somewhat attached to it, we keep following all the developments and news and it’s always a surprise what to expect next. And we are not alone, many around the world have been following the eruption since it started and it has been the most documented eruption in history!

Scientists have also been studying the eruption site and the unlikely events that have occurred after being thought initially that this would only last some days or weeks.

Overall it has been so important for research matters and historical evidence that will last forever.

And guess what? It’s open for visitors! If you are interested in visiting the location, let us know and we can include it in your itinerary.


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