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Iceland awarded second Michelin star

Óx restaurant on Laugavegur in central Reykjavík has been awarded a Michelin star—the second in Iceland to receive the world’s most sought-after culinary recognition.

It was a big day for gourmands across the Nordic region yesterday, as the Michelin Guide for 2022 was unveiled at a glamorous ceremony in Stavanger, Norway. Several Icelanders were at the ceremony, including Rúnar Pierre Heriveaux and Þráinn Freyr Vigfússon on behalf of Óx, and Gunnar Karl Gíslason for Dill. Dill was the first Icelandic restaurant to make the Michelin Guide, in 2017. It later lost its star but won it back again in 2020 and holds on to it again this year. Dill was also awarded a Michelin green star this year, which recognises the most sustainable restaurants. Óx hides in plain view on Reykjavík’s main shopping street, sharing premises with Sümac restaurant (which is also among the very top tier of best restaurants in the country). Óx seats just 11 guests, who must all arrive at the same time for just one sitting per evening. The restaurant offers a set 16-course menu for a flat price that includes drinks selectd to match the menu perfectly. It is, in other words, more a show, exhibition, or tour than it is a typical restaurant experience. It is also fully booked for the foreseeable future. RÚV spoke with Rúnar Pierre at the ceremony yesterday, where he said a Michelin star is the best possible advertisement for Iceland and for all restaurants in the country, but added that it does not change a great deal for the dedicated staff at Óx, who will carry on what they are doing—though now with even more confidence. Rúnar Pierre, who is also Icelandic Chef of the Year 2022, says this is the best year of his life so far.


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