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  • Sara Moniz

Winter wonderland

It’s already December and this is the darkest month in Iceland, during wintertime the days get shorter with less light because of the country's high latitude. This means that the longest day in the middle of December is only 5 hours of light maximum. Sunrise is around 11 AM and sunset between 3:00 and 4:00 PM. This may sound strange for some, but this is what the residents are used to and nothing is more normal than going to work in total darkness and arriving home in total darkness as well.

Besides all of that, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider coming to Iceland during the wintertime. Even though the midnight sun and bright blue sky is appealing I believe that the winter offers some real magic. The landscapes turn white and even though the days are shorter, the sunlight makes them look even more beautiful while the sun slowly rises and set. The long nights are quite special when you're standing outside in the dark and then suddenly, you're surrounded by beautiful Northern Lights. It doesn't happen every night which is actually a good thing to make this light show very unique and special when it does appear.

The winter in Iceland is usually the season between November and March, there is almost no spring or autumn as these seasons are very short. In winter, the daylight lasts around 6 hours which allows you to do some activities, just be sure to wake up and get going while is still dark because you will make the most of the day if you get to your destinations before sunrise. And even though the weather is unpredictable in winter, experiencing rain, hail, blizzard, howling winds, sun patches and everything in between is sure to provide a proper adventure along the way.

Another wonderful thing about travelling in winter is that you can beat the crowds and enjoy the unique serenity that Iceland has to offer. The number of tourists significantly decreases during the wintertime and if you get lucky enough you might get the main attractions almost all to yourself.

Now, the fun part, everyone loves snow, right? The city gets beautifully dressed in white and going downtown while the Christmas decorations are up to get some cake and hot chocolate is a wonderful way to spend an evening as there are plenty of coffee shops to choose from. And if you stay for new years eve, be sure that you will have a spectacular experience since there are no restrictions as to who can light fireworks, so at 12:00 AM the skies are glowing in all colours.

Overall, the winter is indeed magic, the spots that were green and vibrant during summer are now suddenly white, frozen, and so beautifully quiet somehow.


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